Struggling to find a permanent solution to your flexible lifestyle?

Work remotely and forget the hassle of residency and paperwork.

Living and traveling abroad is an exciting experience. With Exmote, forget about the complications of residencies, paperwork and red tape.

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Remote Workers

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Business Owners

For These Reasons

Remote Employment Follows You

Remote workers are typically limited to the destinations that will work with them and their situation. Not anymore! You dictate where you want to spend time and leave the red tape to us.

Favorable & Flexible Options

No matter where you want to be in the world and for how long, you don't have to worry about residency or the hassle of setting up a legal entity in a particular country. We handle that for you so you can get back to your flexible lifestyle.

Fewer Headaches

Traveling often means it's difficult to keep a home base with all the paperwork that comes with it. Leave that all to us as we work with your employer and sort out the details for you to focus on digital nomad-ing and remote working.

Why Work with Exmote?

American Managed

High ethical standards and transparency are Exmote's top priorities. Our client relationships are based on trust and respect.

Worldwide Business Expertise

With over 15 years' experience and the resolve to find solutions, Exmote is your ideal partner for success abroad.

Personalized Service

We take pride in helping people first and foremost. We only offer our services if we can truly be of assistance.

How it Works

Exmote is the perfect solution when you want to work remotely in abroad but your company doesn’t operate there. You become a contractor of Exmote, and we negotiate a favorable outcome with your employer to provide your services to them.

If you’re a freelancer or otherwise self-employed, we give you the tools to minimize admin work and red tape. You and your employer or clients benefit by reaching a solution that works for all parties. Our solutions give peace of mind knowing that all legal and admin is worked out.

Our Team

Matt Shannon


Marcus Hudson


Matt and Marcus have over 15 years of experience as American expats. Matt founded Expatriant and Marcus founded LetsRussia and HG Pro. After their own expat and remote work experience, helping countless others go abroad and the dawn of globalized remote work in 2020, Exmote was born. Exmote has strategic partnerships with local experts in legal, immigration, HR and payroll to provide first-rate service. Exmote’s mission is to give expats, digital nomads and remote workers peace of mind by becoming a trusted advisor  abroad.


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